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Commercial property agents still seem to be over-valuing property and giving their clients false hope.

We receive hundreds of calls each month from people who tell us that they have had their properties valued by commercial property agents who 18 months later, have failed to find a buyer.  When we ask them why they think this is the case, they tell us that the valuation they were given by their commercial property agents was too high.

What we are good at doing at Sell My Commercial Property is giving you our opinion of what we think your property is worth which most of the time is very close to the true market value.  We do not do what most commercial property agents do which is to tell you what you want to hear – we tell you the truth.

Commercial property agents are losing a great deal of business by continuing along the path of giving property owners wildly exaggerated expectations of what their properties are worth which ultimately leads to sellers losing time, money and the opportunity to achieve a sale.


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