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Industrial Property – Our Forgotten Friend

The industrial sector has always played second fiddle to the retail and office sectors, and it is not surprising why. Firstly, shops and offices are more glamorous and talked about than factories and warehouses and secondly, the returns which have been generated from the retail and office sectors have exceeded those generated from the industrial […]

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Central London – 1, the Rest of the UK – 0

Yes it is true – the commercial property market has recovered and is not heading for another fall – ‘but only in central London’! When the financial crisis began, every single commercial property throughout the UK fell in value. However, this was relatively short-lived in central London, compared to the rest of the UK, as […]

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Has the Dreaded ‘Double-Dip’ Arrived?

Recent data published by Investment Property Databank, the worlds’ leading authority on analyzing the performance of all commercial property markets, has revealed that property prices have again started to fall. They have also issued a clear warning saying “investors should remain vigilant of any risks within their property portfolios”.

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Let’s Take a ‘Bank’ Note out of France’s Book

SME’s, the lifeblood of our society, which are the main employers in the UK, are being strangled by the credit drought.  Banks on the whole don’t want to lend to these enterprises but in the rare cases where they do, they charge them extortionate rates.  What can be done to safeguard and support these once […]

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Lease Terms Are Getting Shorter

If you own commercial property, you will have noticed that lease lengths are getting shorter. Tenants are reluctant to sign new leases for terms longer than 5 years as they don’t know if their businesses will survive that long! This is horrific for landlords who face having a vacant shop or office or industrial unit […]

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What Does 2011 Hold For Commercial Property?

Although I would like to think of myself as an optimist, I am at a loss to find anything positive to say about what is in store for commercial property next year. The streets are still filled with doom and gloom which is being fuelled by streams of negative economic data.  Interest rates, inflation, consumer […]

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Commercial Loans – Where Are They?

As long as banks continue to restrict lines of finance, especially commercial loans, the property market stands little chance of recovering. The only sector which I am aware of which has rallied since the crash of 2008 is the office market in the West End of London.  The main reason for this is that property […]

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The High Street Retail Property Market – Beware

If you walk along any High Street today, three things are apparent – firstly, many of the household names which once adorned our thoroughfares have disappeared, secondly more people seem to be browsing as opposed to buying and thirdly there is an increase in the number of vacant shops.  Now the reasons for this are […]

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