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Investing in commercial property in London has become a real art and it is becoming more difficult to predict where values will be in the future.
If you own commercial property in central London, then you don’t need to worry, for at least another 1-2 years, as values are still rising as a result of the weight of overseas money chasing the short supply of stock.  However commercial property outside of central London is a different matter.

If you own commercial property in a good, affluent London suburb, such as Hampstead, Putney and Camden, then again, you will be pretty safe in the foreseeable future.  However less salubrious suburbs, such as Wandsworth, Finchley and Tooting, will present more of a risk.  In these latter places, as there is less disposable income, property is less desirable to occupiers and investors.  There is less general investment in these places and as a result of all of these factors, the future for commercial property is less certain.

People today who are still investing in commercial property in London are mainly interested in mitigating their loss.  Therefore location is of paramount importance along with the quality of the tenant/s who occupy the property.


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Commercial Property Buyers – Afraid?

Commercial property buyers have a very good reason to be afraid – after all if your business was to buy and own commercial property where you are relying on your tenants, some of who are retailers, to survive in these difficult times and pay you rent, wouldn’t you be?

Over the past 6 weeks, we have seen the likes of Stead & Simpson, Comet, HMV, Jessops and Blockbuster fall into administration – and they are just the retailers!

Commercial property buyers and investors are treading very carefully indeed.  Those who are buying are making very low offers, those to own properties are trying to sell and are happy to accept very low offers and generally very little activity can be seen.

The message is simple – if you own a commercial property, you should be thinking of selling before you too become a victim of this recession which shows no signs of abating.


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An Estimated 30,000 Jobs to Go on the High Street in 2013

In the wake of the Jessop’s collapse, experts predict 30,000 jobs could go on the High Street with potentially 45 retailers with 3,500 stores facing closure in 2013.

Experts have blamed poor consumer spending together with the banks refusal to extend retailers overdrafts and credit facilities as a contributing factor.

The typical UK High Street has fallen victim to the worldwide recession which started nearly 5 years ago and things are set to get a lot worse.


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Hit by Internet Shopping and Recession – The Business’s That Just Couldn’t Cope

Blockbuster UK adds its name to the long list of household names that have entered administration in recent years as struggling families cut down on spending.

The number of High Street chains going bust has increased by almost a fifth in two years, figures released last week showed.

Some 194 stores and chains fell into administration during 2012, compared to 183 in 2011 and 165 during 2010, according to data from Deloitte.On Tuesday, entertainment giant HMV went bust following on from camera retailer Jessops just days earlier.

Last year saw the demise of Comet, La Senza and Clinton Cards, with JJB Sports, Blacks and Game also entering administration. But the number going under in the run-up to Christmas dropped, with 37 chains folding in the final three months of 2012, compared with 42 in the same period in 2011.


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Blockbuster Go Out With a Bang – Commercial Property Consequences

DVD and video games rental chain Blockbuster UK has collapsed into administration, putting more than 4,000 jobs at risk and causing  panic amongst those who own commercial property let to this chain.

The entertainment retailer became the third major High Street casualty of 2013 after falling demand and online price wars saw photography retailer Jessops go bust last week, followed closely by entertainment stalwart HMV on Tuesday.

The demise of the three high profile retail chains in such a short space of time is a major body blow to the High Street which is already reeling from the administration of Blacks, La Senza, Clinton Cards, JJB Sports, Habitat and Comet last year.

Blockbuster UK, which first opened in 1989, has appointed Deloitte to seek a buyer for all or parts of the business just days after rival HMV hit the rocks.

This is yet another blow to not just the retail industry but also the commercial property market as landlords who own property let to Blockbuster will immediately see their income disappear.


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Ground Rents

There has always been a myth about ground rents in that people think you can’t go wrong buying them and owners can literally name their price when selling them. Ground rents today are still desirable but many aspects of ground rent investments must be considered very carefully. How much ground rent do the tenants pay, who manages the block, is the management company doing its job properly, are there any rent and service charge arrears, are there any shortfalls for the owner of the block to meet, how is the insurance dealt with etc.

Be careful when buying ground rents and make sure not to fall into the trap of being sucked in to paying an over inflated price just because what you are buying is called a ground rent.


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Commercial Property in Wales

Commercial property in Wales varies considerably depending on where in Wales you are talking about. One extreme is Cardiff and another extreme is Bridgend.

If you look at commercial property in Wales in general terms, then as an investor, you are spoilt for choice. You can invest in towns, cities, costal resorts and even a small island. The choices are endless and although commercial property in Wales may not experience the same growth as other parts of the UK, if your investment strategy is sound, then the long-terms prospects look bright.

A good percentage of commercial property owners in Wales seem to be ahead of the field in how realistic they are about what their properties are worth. This is having a real advantage on the commercial property market in Wales over the rest of the UK which is still experiencing extreme stagnation.


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Commercial Property Buyers

Commercial property buyers in the UK have gone very quiet over the past few months. Although most withdrew from the market over 2 years ago, and are still noticeably absent, they still made sure their voices were being heard with talk of how hard the market is and how much harder things will become. However, there is an eerie silence from many commercial property buyers with no apparent reason why. Maybe most are recovering from the Diamond Jubilee, or are away on for half-term holidays. One thing is clear and that is the number of commercial property buyers has fallen to an all-time low and the market is still one tough nut to crack.


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Ladbrokes Shops

Ladbrokes shops are still very desirable to most active commercial property investors as long as the price is right. If you own a Ladbrokes shop, and want to sell, don’t make the mistake of over-cooking the price. Although there will be a lot of interest from buyers, if the price isn’t right, the buyers will be turned-off and divert their attention elsewhere.

Therefore Ladbrokes shop owners need look no further if they are considering a sale.


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Commercial Property Buyers in Finchley

There used to be a few main commercial property buyers in Finchley but as is the case with most commercial property buyers at the moment, most seem to be steering clear of buying commercial property and especially secondary retail shops.

We at Sell My Commercial Property are keen to establish ourselves as commercial property buyers in Finchley which is an area which we know very well. We will consider all types of commercial property in Finchley ranging from shops, to offices to industrial units. However, our preference is to buy shops in Finchley regardless of their age, condition or location.

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