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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you are thinking of putting your industrial property for sale, you may be wondering where the other side of the market is right now. The market for industrial property for sale has shared the volatile journey of the general commercial property market over the last few years, and is now at something of a turning point. A modest recovery appears to have started, but there are many foreboding signs of a return to recession for the wider economy. So assessing your options on the market is more important than ever.

The balance of the industrial property sector has remained heavily weighted towards owner occupiers, with perhaps half of the total capital value of industrial property owned by the occupier. However, given the quite specific location and property type requirements of many industrial enterprises, these owners are less active in the purchase market than is the case for the retail and office sectors.

The UK institutions, that is to say insurance and pension funds, have the biggest investment in industrial property, and have been more active in the market of industrial property for sale in the past than anyone else. Pooled funds and limited partnerships took an increasing slice of industrial property for sale prior to the credit crisis. Private and overseas investors have always been relatively small in number, but their share in transactions was also increasing rapidly before the crash.

Since the advent of the new regime, of tight credit, crashing GDP, and sluggish manufacturing output, many of these investors have pulled back from the commercial property sector. Private investors, overseas investors and limited partnerships have remained uncommitted to the market for industrial property for sale, in part because of continued lack of access to credit. The funds and institutions did return to the industrial property sector this year, as capital growth bounced back.

But they are now withdrawing again from their role as swing buyers- the Independent Financial Advisers are recommending investors reduce their exposure to commercial property (see Investment Property Forum Survey of IFA's). This advice applies both to those who invest directly in property and those who invest in pension funds who buy property. It is thought that this will lead to many investors ceasing to buy commercial property, including industrial property for sale, and start selling what they own. Inevitably this will lead to prices falling.

Perhaps now is indeed a good time for you to test the market, but you may want to think carefully about who will handle your industrial property for sale. Industrial property agents work best in a seller's market, but there is another more attractive option for today's buyer scarce market. Get a direct buyer, SellMyCommercialProperty, to do a proper valuation for you, and maybe proceed to a buy.

This way you cut out the middle men, and associated fees and the hassle. SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company with access to substantial lines of finance. We can move in quickly with our professional valuation team, and follow through with a sales agreement, at a fair market value.

If you were to get in touch with us at SellMyCommercialProperty now, we could have an initial assessment completed within 48 hours. Your industrial property for sale can be purchased sooner than you might think possible. Make SellMyCommercialProperty your chosen partner to handle your industrial property in these challenging times, and get ahead of the curve.

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