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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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The prospects for the warehouse and distribution sector, over the medium term, are looking a little gloomy right now, and many owners are asking themselves "should I sell my warehouse now?" That gloom is courtesy of wider economic outlook that has been hit by many worries over the last few months - worries over the impact of reduced government spending, the higher VAT rates coming in 2011 and a nagging uncertainty about whether inflation may resurge, to throw a spanner in the works. All of these have made the spectre of a 'double dip' recession more real.

Obviously, any slow-down in the economy is going to hit the distribution warehouse and retail warehouse sectors hard. The industry has only just started to recover from the effects of the most recent recession, and there is still an overhang of spare warehousing capacity. Real growth is needed to cut into that, and so take rental incomes back up to their long term levels. If we do have to contend with a slip in the economy, both rental and capital growth is likely to be knocked south. All of this makes a moves to sell my warehouse look timely - prices could be about to follow incomes down.

Of course, selling at the top of the market can be frustrating- buyers, too, are aware that they may not be getting the returns they need to justify their investment. As a result, the number of buyers active in the market is falling, and your 'sell my warehouse' instruction out on the open market may find a distinct lack of takers.

Commercial estate agents may therefore struggle to meet your demand to sell my warehouse, and you could find yourself on the wrong side of sliding prices in the warehouse and distribution sector. Agents also have the perennial problems of high fees, lack of commitment, and underhand practices to close deals that do a disservice to the value of their client's property.

You could take your request to sell my warehouse to the property auction houses, if you were really desperate for cash. But to do so would mean accepting that a big proportion of the value of your warehouse would go up in smoke. Buyers at auction houses are looking for bargains, and currently only buying shops and offices let to strong covenants on long leases, and any returns for your investment may not survive such a fire sale.

There is, however, a less desperate route to 'sell my warehouse' - let SellMyCommercialProperty buy your warehouse from you directly.

We are an investment company with considerable monies, looking to be placed with commercial property. Our need for business properties includes the distribution and storage sector, and warehouses like yours. SellMyCommercialProperty have an experienced team of professional valuers, who can make property assessment quickly - within 48 hours if needed.

We can then fast track the sales agreement, so your request to 'sell my warehouse' is realised as soon as possible. You will receive a fair market price for your property - all with no agency fees, and no agency hassle. Call us at SellMyCommercialProperty today and we can put some light back onto your property prospects.

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